Wild Pig Removal Inc.,   

Provides the following services:  Pig Trapping

Primary Goal: SAFETY

Secondary Goal: Exceed the expectations of the property owner for pig removal.

Third Goal: All Federal laws, State Fish and Wildlife regulations and local laws and homeowner rules are followed.

1.     The placement of a box or corral trap with the intent of capturing wild/feral pigs.

a.    All materials for construction of the selected trap.  The trap will be determined by; property owners goals, site inspection, size of the sounder (group of pigs) and physical limitations such as; existing fencing, trees, uneven ground which could allow the trapped pigs to escape if the trap site surface was uneven.

b.    Baiting will be for 2-4 weeks depending on the contract goals and the wild pigs reaction to the trap placement.  Baiting will begin immediately upon securing permits, if necessary at the trap site.  The bait should draw the feral pigs to the trap site reducing property damage; the bait should lower the pigs stress and weariness because the trap will be new and foreign and perceived as a threat.

c.   A depredation permit can only be obtained by the property owner or manager.  Wild Pig Removal Inc service provider "Tim Gall" must be listed as the property owner's agent, state law, to allow the agent to preform the services under the guidelines of the permit.  The depredation permit allows for additional methods of take to be used such as; baiting, artificial lights to be used when eradication is being conducted at night.

Note: The City of San Jose city ordinance requires the homeowner to obtain a California Dept Fish & Wildlife depredation permit prior to any pig trapping within city limits.

d.   State law requires that the trap be inspected daily.   Wild Pig Removal Inc. requires the trap to be inspected twice a day.  Once in the morning and once in the evening and the homeowner or contact person will report their observations to Tim Gall at; cell 408-460-0327, or text to the same number or email tlgall@verizon.net.   The observation can be preformed from any safe distance, which provides a clear view of the entire enclosure.  If there is an animal inside the trap Tim Gall will be notified as soon as possible by phone at the listed phone number.  Deer will have the ability to jump out of the trap unharmed.  If the gate for the trap has been activated Tim Gall must be notified so the trap can be reset.   If no animal is captured but the guillotine / gate door has been sprung the homeowner has the option of resetting the trap or calling Wild Pig Removal Inc.

2.     Dispatching of the wild pigs: (Method of Take)

a.    California Department of Fish and Wildlife rules and regulations forbid the relocation of trapped feral pigs.  The trapped pigs must be killed on site, state law.  Method to be determined by homeowner, local ordinances and California Department of Fish and Wildlife.

b.  Wild Pig Removal Inc executioner has many years experience with; firearms, training with firearms, reloading, armors courses, patents pending on archery products, compound bows and crossbows.  The goal of reloading is to maximize accuracy and to achieve a desired effect with a specific component.

c.  Wild Pig Removal Inc executioner  will asses each situation and use the safest and most humane method to dispatch the pigs on your property permitted by law.

3.     There are 3 processing methods for the lawful disposition of the pig carcass;

a.    The field dressed carcasses will be delivered to Los Gatos Meats butcher’s shop for the processing and donation to Second Harvest Food Bank or Farmers for the Hungry, the meat processing minimum fee is $125.00 per pig carcass or $1.25 per pound.  Wild Pig Removal Inc, believes this is the most desirable method, giving back to the less fortunate within our community.

b.    The wild pig carcass will be rendered and disposed in a lawful manner such as; delivered to the     Guadeloupe landfill or San Jose Tallow, which ever method is less expensive.

c.  The property owner or the agent can have the meat processed for consumption.  The pig meat will be        utilized if possible and if permitted by the depredation permit.

4.     Homeowners, employees, merchants, patrons or contract employees will not approach or harass the captured    dangerous wild pigs in any manner.

         a.  Homeowners, family members, employees, merchants, patrons or contract employees will not approach               the captured dangerous wild pigs to video or photograph the animals while alive and contained within Wild          Pig Removal Inc traps.

         b.     Homeowners, family members, employees, merchants, patrons or contract employees will not approach              the  captured  dangerous wild pigs to video or photograph Wild Pig Removal Inc. employees while                        handling and or dispatching, killing of the wild pigs.

5.   Trapped pigs which need to be relocated prior to being euthanized​​ require additional permit variants and the        fees will be adjusted for the services provided.

6.    Gunsmithing and custom order for products. 


    The only animal TRAPPING removal service which specilizes in wild pig removal in santa clara county.


    • California Department of Fish and Wildlife
    • Santa Clara County Vector Control
    • Texas AM University
    • Mississippi State University
    • Subject matter experts
    • Wild feral pig hazards
    • Jager Pro


    • Custom rifles, AR, AR-308's, 700 actions- blueprinted actions, lathe work $175.00                   per hour, EDM muzzle breaks. 
    • Complete shooting system includes many components such as;
    • Scopes/Optics- Huskemaw, Aimpoint, and many others
    • Rifle Action- Blueprinted action, Barrels- Broughton; Black Hole Weaponry
    • Triggers- Timney;
    • Accessories- a quality stock with a bedded action, quality scope mounts- Warne;
    • I custom make products and place orders based upon needs.
    • I do not sell or do transfers of firearms, I am a gunsmith and I custom make and repair firearms.


    Night time Eradication A depredation permit is required. 

    Wild pig, coyote and other animal species causing predation or property damage that are to be removed by method of take to be a firearm, compound bow or crossbow at night, contact us for further information.  Night vision and thermal equipment are used to ensure the target animal is acquired and that the process can be completed in the safest manner.