Projected Contract Expenses and Disposal Fees, property owner chooses one of the following disposal methods that will be used to dispose of the pig carcass, items 6 through 9.

1.            Box trap, constructed, baited and maintained for

the duration of the contract (4 weeks, 28 days):                                        $400.00 per trap

2.       Excessive bait consumed by non target animals, per 50 lb bag:                            

3.            Capture cost per pig, processing and transportation of carcass

remains to the butcher or disposal:                                                                             

4.            Trap set-up, stolen or damaged property after installation repair plus

          material cost:                                                                                                         

​​​5.       Each return to trap site after trap is originally set because of tampering:                                                      

6.            Landfill additional grave depth fee 1 thru 6 pigs:                                                       

7.            Additional Landfill fees by weight :                                                                     

8.            San Jose Tallow disposal fee, the fee varies on the size and quanitity,

estimated cost per adult pig                                                                                  $50.00

9.            Los Gatos Meat butcher fee per pig to process the meat for Second Harvest Food Bank;

Second Harvest Food Bank meat processing fees:$125.00 minimum or $1.25 per pound for pigs           over weighing over 100lbs.

     Payment Schedule:                                                                                                            Payments:

  1.             At signing of the contract, one half of the trap rental for one month:                 $175.00                                                                                                                                                         
  2.      The contract can be amended based upon services provided.
  3.      At the conclusion of the contract the balance of additional expensessuch as;                                          expenses listed above items numbers one through nine:                                               
  4.         Final payment must be received within 10 days of dated written invoice, sent by email,                               a late fee will be accessed each week that full payment has not been received.                                                                    

 Wild Pig Removal Inc. provides no guarantees with the intended capture of wild/feral pigs.  Wild pigs are smart,      strong, dangerous and breed prolifically.  The executioner has researched the best methods for trapping and         killing of wild/feral pigs and we are confident that we can help with reducing the wild/feral pigs within your            immediate property.  That being said, because of the prolific breeding and roaming nature of the wild pigs an   expert trapper/hunter cannot capture or eliminate all of the pigs within a geographical area.  After removing a    sounder (group or family of pigs) from your property the group can be replaced by another sounder at any time.

Pricing estimates subject to change based upon services provided.

Pricing Estimates: 

Payment through Pay Pal is accepted:

Wild Pig Removal Inc we custom make our traps.  The traps are made from 1 1/4 inch angel steel 1/8th inch thick and 4 inch square galvanized utility panel fencing.  The top of the traps are not enclosed, this allows non-target animals to escape.